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Patience is a state of survival under different conditions. It is also called Dheeraj, Nimarata, Dhira, Dhir, sabar etc in punjabi and sanskrit texts. When a person loose patience it gi. Acc to Sikhism, patience is also one of the most valuable virtus of life. Patience is quality which a Sikh ought to cultivate. Patience gives courage to put up bravely with all the slings and arrows of outraged a fortune. it's opposite to hasty and impetuous. Nanak and the other Sikh gurus taught the basic value of devotion, brotherhood, charity, obedience, patience, humility, and piety as the path to spirituality in life.

What Guru Granth Sahib Says

Acc. to Guru Nanak "The patience is said to be the owner of shop of self control, i.e the person who is away from all vices is obviously near to patience so guru nanak sahib said that the patience is owner of all vices so patience is also one of the most valuable virtus of life. Guru Nanak Sahib related patience to the gunn of soul bride. Without patience one can pop off. guru ji gave various dalils like patience the milk and human the calf

Acc to Guru Arjun Dev ji said in his rhymes that ""Patience results to glory and glory results to honor and this all attained with god's name only"".(page 257 , line 15). The Patience is said to be gunn of Brahmgyanis which is compared with the earth one dug and other paste it with sandalwood and earth do not care, similarly a person who have patience if one try to destroy and other try to build he would remain smile. If one have faith then patience comes after it which continued to peace and give joy and happiness and this can be obtain in company of holy. The person who's blessed with patience is happy forever. Wind and water have patience and cannot be called as evil.

Acc to Guru Amardass Ji said that vaheguruis provider of patience, once the eternal wealth patience comes automatically

Acc to Bhagat Fareed ji said ""Within yourself, make patience the bow, and make patience the bowstring. Sekh Farid, Make patience the arrow, the Creator will not let you miss the target. ||115||"" Let patience be your purpose in life; implant this within your being.

even bhatt kalsahr says that patience is one of gunn of sikhs

Sikh History and Patience

In Sikh history there are many events related to patience:

1) Martydom Of guru arjun dev 2) Gurgaddi to guru Ramm Dass 3) Death of sahibzadas and gurus response to it. 4) staying in qila and fight accordingly at chamkaur 5) Guru nanak being stoned by many people 6) Bhai atu Kick to guru Amar Dass 7) Guru Amardass Fall in well

and still many more

Patience must be acc. to some level, it doesn't means that the person who is

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