Param Vir Chakra

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The Param Vir Chakra (PVC) is India's highest military decoration awarded for the highest degree of valour or self-sacrifice in the presence of the enemy, similar to the British Victoria Cross, the US Congressional Medal of Honor, or the French Legion of Honor.

Many of the awards been awarded posthumously.

Param Vir (Bravest of the Brave) in Sanskrit. Parama (Highest), Vir (Brave/warrior), Chakra (wheel/medal).

The PVC was established in January of 1950 by the President of India.

The medal is made of bronze. In the center, on a raised circle is the state (Ashok

lion Capital) emblem, surrounded by four replicas of Indra's Vajra.

Awardee have the right to use P.V.C. as a postnominal abbreviation.

A cash grant or stipend is connected with the award which varies from state to state.

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