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Manmohan Singh to get World Statesman award
worldstatesman.jpg The Appeal of Conscience Foundation today announced to felicitate Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with its prestigious World Statesman Award for the year 2010. The award would be presented to the Prime Minister in September..... → read more
Basic Religion Test Stumps Many Americans
religious-symbols_-_copy.jpg Americans are by all measures a deeply religious people, but they are also deeply ignorant about religion. Researchers phoned more than 3,400 Americans and asked them 32 questions about the Bible, Christianity and other world religions...... → read more
Cultivating the Next Generation of Kalasingas
kenya-pr-3.jpg "It was exciting and motivating for Sikhs in Kenya to interact with Harinder Singh; meetings with all ages and the leadership resulted in a new direction and focus for the community (kalasingas—the Kiswahili word for Sikh-Kenyans.)..... → read more
'Pride of India Award' given to U.K.'s first Asian Judge
sirmotasingh.jpg Sir Mota Singh, the United Kingdom's first Sikh and Asian Judge, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year, received the ‘Pride of India Award' 2009, instituted by the India International Foundation (IIF)...... → read more
Gurbanisewa.com provides Free Gurbani Katha DVDs
waheguru.jpg The Gurbani Sewa Foundation has organized the seva of providing free DVDs of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Katha. There are 600 hours of Katha included in this DVD set, and you can have a copy just by requesting it..... → read more
PM Singh tops list of 10 world leaders
manmohan.jpg "The Leader Other Leaders Love", the magazine said the economist-turned-politician Singh, engineered the transition "from stagnant socialism to a spectacular take-off in the global economy. But it's Singh's unassuming personal style that really inspires awe........ → read more
The Noble Sewadar of Peshawar
Nobel sewadar of Peshawar.jpg Khurshid Khan, an eminent 60-year-old lawyer and deputy attorney general of Pakistan, wants to "heal the wounds" of the terror-stricken minority Sikh community in that country. So he does an extraordinary thing at a temple in the northwestern city of Peshawar. Every day, once he's handled his work as a legal expert..... → read more
Hope & Compassion
handc.jpg Couldn’t wait to see the back of 2009 what a heart wrenching year and only the forces above knew what I had to endure on this journey. To say there was nothing to write about would be totally dishonest but I had no zest to write about the things I didn’t love. I had many people asking why I stopped blogging … but no one could understand!..... → read more
Are cell phones killing off bees?
Thumbbees.jpg To their controlled surprise, three months of observation led them to conclude that the hive experienced a significant reduction in its population. The queen bee laid fewer than half the number of eggs and neither honey nor pollen was anywhere to be found...... → read more
Sikh serves as Army dentist on Fort Drum
Thumbtejdeepsinghrattan.jpg Aside from a striking physique, Capt. Tejdeep Singh Rattan is not what you would visually expect from a U.S. Army Soldier. Rattan, a 31-year-old devotee of Sikhism, was granted special exemptions last year regarding Army Regulation 600-20 that permit him to wear a beard and a turban..... → read more
Victory In Texas - Students To Learn About Sikhi
ThumbSikhCoalition.jpg The Sikh Coalition commends the state Board of Education and urges all state Boards of Education to take similar measures. Today's victory - which the whole community should cherish - is an important first step towards ensuring that Sikh parents and students do not solely carry the burden..... → read more
Deceased SPO’s kids face a dark future
Thumb_TheChildren.jpg Four children of a deceased SPO in the Bathinda police are on the verge of being rendered homeless as the police department is going to evict them from a residential quarter of the department, allotted in the name of their father. Barinder Kaur (16), Tina (13), Rajni (11) and Arshdeep Singh (9)..... → read more
Sikhs sentenced to death in UAE
UAE.jpg Read a full report on the latest developments in this tragic case of alleged torture by police of 17 Indian men facing the death penalty in the United Arab Emirates for the murder of a Pakistani national. Amnesty International has condemned these abuses and torture which are said to have been meted out .....read more
Sikh Pipers and Drummers invited to join Scottish Borderers
Piper-Mick-Stewart.jpg The 2nd Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB) Pipe Band (re-enacted) in Houston, Texas would like to extend an open invitation to Sikhs in Houston, Texas (or the U.S.) who are bagpipers or drummers to join our group! Sikhs served proudly in the British Army during the Second World War...... → read more
Samuhik Vivah Samagam - 21 Sikh Couples married
ThumbViv5.jpg It was a dream come true for 21 Sikh couples who got married in a befitting manner without spending a penny that too in the presence of over 25,000 Sikhs who came from far off places to bless the newly wed couples. The happiest were the couples' parents who never dreamt of their sons and daughters..... → read more
Sikh Bravery and Valour in Military History
ThumbsikhValour.jpg It started out as a hobby, which turned into a life quest, to preserve the legacy of Sikh soldiers and huge photography collections of Sikh armies worldwide obtained from archives and libraries all around the world. Recently, 30,000 people visited Exhibition on Sikh Bravery in Military History..... → read more
Devotional Grandeur & Splendour in New Zealand
Thumbsaroop-c.jpg "On that day, we were touched by God - He was amidst us. As I was placing the sacred saroops on the heads of the Sikhs from New Zealand, I could see their tears of joy flowing freely...how can anyone describe that feeling? I have no words. I am indebted to God for giving us....... → read more
Sikh columinst wins libal case
01Simon.jpg A British Sikh science writer has won his battle against a chiropractic organization that sued him for libel. The case highlighted loopholes in British libel laws that critics say have allowed big companies to sue scientists and journalists on spurious grounds...... → read more
Canadian Sikh Association condemns violence
CSA 2010.jpg The Canadian Sikh Association (CSA) is deeply concerned by the negative comments about the Kirpan in various media outlets this past week. The topic has been hotly debated on various radio and televisions talk shows throughout the South Asian community. The issue of the Kirpan was ignited after the recent violence..... → read more
PM Gordon Brown visits Sikhs in Derby...
PMnChancellorRecvgGifts.jpg On Tuesday 13th April, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling visited the National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum, and the Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Derby. They were initially greeted by young Sikh children and addressed the Sikh community...... → read more
Sikh pilgrims arrive in Lahore for the Baisakhi festival
Sikh pilgrims sml.jpg Around 1,000 Sikh pilgrims from India arrived on the Samjhota Express at the Wahga Border and another train is due to arrive with another 1,000 pilgrims. The pilgrims will stay in Pakistan for 10 days and participate in different Baisakhi-related ceremonies..... → read more
Are you are thinking of investing in the Middle East?
Najafi bbc mod.jpg Ayman Najafi, 24, and Charlotte Adams, 25 were arrested in November after a local woman accused them of breaking the country's decency laws by kissing on the mouth in a restaurant. The pair were were sentenced to a month in prison with .....read more
Pakistan Rangers' delegation crosses over
India-Pakistan meeting Amritsar sml.jpg A high-level 15 member Pakistan Rangers' delegation crossed over to India to take part in a bi-annual meeting between Border Security Security Force and Pakistan Rangers for discussing smuggling of narcotics and other border..... → read more
"Sikh Environment Day" to be celebrated on March 14
JSPUNJ6.jpg "Under this Sikh plan, we propose to coordinate an annual EcoSikh holiday season corresponding with Gur Har Rai ji Gurgaddi Diwas," Dr Singh said. "Guru Har Rai Ji’s legacy provides one of the most inspiring models for our ecological consciousness...... → read more
Two kidnapped Sikhs rescued in Khyber
Troops khyber 01-03-2010 sml.jpg Pakistani security forces recovered alive two of three Sikhs kidnapped for ransom in the country's volatile northwest, a security official said, days after the body of the third Sikh who had been killed was found. .....read more
Holla Mohalla festival starts at Anandpur Sahib
hola_mahalla-1.jpg The three-day Sikh festival Holla Mohalla started here at the Keshgarh Sahib Gurdwara Saturday amid huge fanfare and enthusiasm. Thousands of devotees, including many NRIs and Sikhs from the traditional warrior..... → read more
Birmingham Sikh nursery is a little school of calm
nursery-thumb.jpg The Nishkam Nursery, which was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, is indeed a calm place. For a place with 30 children in, it feels surprisingly peaceful and very safe. All the furniture is made from wood rather than plastic...... → read more
Sikh generosity - material and of spirit
little-girl.jpg Rose Charities has been enormously touched by the generosity of the lower mainland Sikh community in helping with its fund-raising efforts for Haiti medical relief. In this disaster scenario, Rose Charities,..... → read more
United Sikhs asked to Help in Haiti
medical-haiti.jpg The first UNITED SIKHS' medical team of 6 doctors returned after helping survivors with acute medical issues and physical rehabilitation. The medical team took approximately $45,000 worth of medical equipment with them..... → read more
Artist Kanwar Singh wins Excellence in the Arts Award
kanwar-thumb.jpg Dhillon says the RBC Mehfil Magazine Awards represent both a personal honour and a source of inspiration and acknowledgement for all artists within the Indo-Canadian community. “I was honoured, not simply to be recognized..... → read more
New Sikh Web Site Unveiled
sikhyouth-THUMB.jpg Enhanced Resources on SikhYouth.com Include Streaming Media, articles and a high-powered search engine. After several months of development, we are proud to release our long awaited new website..... → read more
Baba Sewa Singh: Working for betterment of mankind
babaseva-THUMB.jpg The more trees you plant the fresher the air will be. The environment will remain clean. The young and the old, every human being should think about keeping the environment clean and plant more trees...... → read more
Sikh judge Sir Mota Singh criticises banning of Kirpan
MotaSingh.jpg Sikhs should be allowed to wear their ceremonial daggers - known as Kirpans - to school and other public places, Britain's first Asian judge has said. There have been a number of cases of Sikhs being refused entry..... → read more
The Brave-hearted is brought back home to Punjab
Sukhwinder-thumb2.jpg Sukhwinder, hailed a 'hero' by all Britain, had been killed chasing two muggers in London., England. When the body was brought to his ancestral village late Wednesday night (January 27, 2010)..... → read more
Summary Judgment at the Akal Takht
Prof.-darshan-singh-khalsa-sml.jpg The recent decision of the Akal Takht to ex-communicate Prof. Darshan Singh, a legendary exponent of Gurbani through kirtan and Katha. Is this judgment sound? Can the trial be deemed procedurally correct?..... → read more
A Sikh in Greece
greece-THUMB.jpg This we believe, is an inspiring story. Every time we read it, we get new emotions. I have read it once, twice, thrice, perhaps, even more times. This true story motivates the reader to be a true Sikh...... → read more
Sikh-Canadians Reach Out to Haiti
Haiti helper sml.jpg Within 48 hours of the earthquake, "United Sikhs were in Haiti, where volunteers set up a set up a base camp and community kitchen in Port-au-Prince," said Ramandeep Kaur. A group from Toronto, including her father, Sarvinder Singh Pandher..... → read more
UK Sikh hero’s body to be flown to Punjab today
sukhwinder-thumb2.jpg The body of brave Sikh hero, who was stabbed to death, will return to the Punjab today, accompanied by his father. Satwinder Singh was stabbed to death as he chased robbers, who had been robbed a lady on January 8...... → read more
Location producer defends controversial ‘1984: A Sikh Story’
bbc-thumb_0.jpg The BBC One documentary, 1984: A Sikh Story, has many Sikhs, especially those settled in Britain, up in arms. Back home, the location producer for this documentary, Chandigarh-based Mandeep Singh Bajwa, rues the fact that “even after 25 years of Operation Bluestar...”..... → read more
2nd Global Sikh Civil Rights Conference held
conference-THUMB.jpg Focusing on the rich history of Sikh women in leadership and on the Sikh teachings of gender equality, speakers highlighted concerns around current roles of Sikh women, how marginalized Sikh women interact with Canadian law, and female infanticide in Panjab...... → read more
Surrey Sikh Gurdwara raises $100,000 for Haiti diaster
surrey-haiti.jpg Canadian Sikhs donate $100,000 in first day of appeals: Even before the launch of the fund raising campaign, phone calls, emails and text messages overwhelmed volunteers at the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara on Scott Road, near 70 Avenue. All day long........ → read more
The 7th Lord of Miracles Tour lands in Colombia
Columbia-THUMB.jpg Colombia defies all that you may ever have in your perceptions of this country. The 8th country on this wonderful Lord of Miracles Tour is a jewel that touches both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The central area is rugged mountains that lead to the coastal....... → read more
Tributes paid to a Sikh have-a-go hero
SukhwinderSingh.jpg A Sikh man was stabbed to death while trying to stop two muggers who had stolen a woman's bag. Sukhwinder Singh pursued two men who robbed a 28-year-old woman near Barking station in east London. When he caught up with the pair a fight broke out .....read more