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Sant Maharaj Harnam Singh Ji, Kile Wale

The Neeldhari Panth is a group within the Sikh faith which was founded by His Holiness Sant Maharaj Harnam Singh Ji (Kile Wale) in the year 1966. This organisation begun in Kile Sahib, which is now in Pakistan; the organization shifted to Naushera Sahib in India, after the division of India and Pakistan took place in 1947. The word "Neela" in Punjabi means "Blue" and the word "dhari" means "to wear or adorn" so together the word "neeldhari" means "wearer of blue garment".

The requirement to wear blue was given by the founder of this panth, Sant Maharaj Kile Wale ji in October 1966. Since then all members of the Sangat (congregation) who are the followers of this sect must wear "Neela Kammarkassa" (blue waist band) and "Neela Chakuta" (blue turban) in addition to following the rules (Maryada) as set out by the founder.

Historical Views

Neeldharis (literally "those who wear a blue Turban") wear a free flowing blue turban called a chakuta and a blue Kamar Kassa (waist band/cummerbund) around their waist. They believe in, and bow to, the Shri Guru Granth Sahib first and then to their Sant Maharaj. They believe in strict vegetarianism and the preservation of their hair (as per the Rehat Maryada given by our 10th Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji), as do all the Neeldhari Sikhs even today, and they follow all the Gurus and Sant Maharaj.

Based on the Scriptures of the Living Guru the (SGGS) they give importance to the role that Sants play in our daily life. They hold that Sant Maharaj Kile Wale Ji, who dedicated his life to the Simran of Wahe Guru, was the leading, most prominent Saint of recent times.

The order, that all Sangats who were the followers of Neeldhari Sant must wear the neela (blue) items of banna (clothing) was given by His Holiness Garib Niwaz Sant Maharaj Kile Wale ji in October 1966.

“The Blue Colour signifies their believe in Peace and Non-Violence. The Chakuta (head dress) signifies a Child asking forgiveness from his Father, the Almighty Lord."


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About Gurdwara Baijnath Sahib

(Historical place of worship of the Neeldhari Panth)

In 1942 Sant Maharaj Kile Wale came to Himachal Pradesh where he travelled all over Himachal Pradesh. When Maharaj and the sangat reached Baijnath sahib near the railway track at Baijnath Sahib, Sant ji sat on a stone and looked around it. It is said that Sant ji then said to Seth Srain waley to buy this whole land and predicted that in future there will be a headquarter of the Khalsa panth at this spot. Further, Sant ji also predicted that all the peoples of this world will come here in great numbers and that there will be a huge and beautiful [[Gurdwara] here; there will be huge development and no place left will be left "for standing" here.

Sant Maharaj also predicted that: "When doom day will come, one will not get meals any where. But, the peoples who following (Reht Maryada's) as guided by Maharaj je will only get meals in Baijnath sahib Gurudwara, For those peoples meals will come from sky." Time will tell if this will happen in our lives.

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