Namdev and Tughlaq

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‘The Emperor [Muhammad Bin Tughlak said] listen “Oh Nama. Show me your work [miracle].“Emperor arrested Nama.

“Let me see your God Bithal. Bring to life this slaughtered cow. Otherwise I will decapitate you here.”

“Oh king how can that be. That what is dead no man can bring to life. All I do would be no use. What Raam does so happens.”

The Emperor filled with arrogance. A huge elephant he set upon Nama. Nama’s mother began to cry.

[She said] “Forsake Rama and contemplate ‘Khuda’ (ie. adopt the Muslim faith).”

[Nama replied] “I am not your son nor you my mother. May I die but I will always sing the virtues of ‘Har’.”

The elephant struck with his trunk. Nama was saved by protection of God.

[The Emperor said] “Kazis and Mulahs bow to me. This Hindu tramples my honour. “

[The Hindus] pleaded with the Emperor, “Have Namas weight in gold.”

[The Emperor said] “If I take your money I will fall in hell. Thus forsaking my faith I will not amass wealth.”

[Nama’s] Feet are bound by shackles with his hands he claps a beat.

Nama sing’s the praises of ‘Gopal’ (Krishna/God). The Ganges and Jumna may flow backwards. But Nama will repeat Har’s name. When the Seven ‘Gharis’ (time) pass by. The master of the three worlds had not yet arrived. Then was heard the flapping of wings. Mounted on ‘Grur’ (part-man part-bird mythological mount of Vishnu], Gobind came.

His devotee he protected. [Vishnu/God said] “Say and I will turn the earth on its side. Say and I will completely up turn the earth. Say and I will bring the dead cow to life. So that everyone may be convinced.”

I [Nama said] spancle the cow. They put the calf to the cow. Milking the milk when pitcher filled. They put it in front of the Emperor.

Emperor fled to his palace.

Troubled times came to him.

He pleaded through the Kazis and Mullas “Forgive me, you Oh Hindu. I am your cow.”

[Nama said] “Convince me show me. I will be convinced [of Emperor’s sincere regret]. If from now you walk the path of truth and good conduct.”

Oh Namdev God is found in all. Gathering all the Hindus went to Nama. If the cow had not been restored [they said]. Then Namdev would have been dishonoured. The fame of Nama remained in the world. His devotees, God saves.

All [Namas] slanderers and revilers fell in trouble. Between Nama and ‘Narayan’ (Vishnu/God) there is no difference.’

Adi Guru Durbar, Raag Bhairo, Pa.1166