Nadu Shah Labana

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Nadu Shah Labana, Labana by caste, a gursikh who served Guru Gobind Singh when Guru ji visited on bank of ghaggar river after battle of Bharigam in 1688. Nadu Shah Lobana of the adjoining village served him and his followers with food and milk. Guru Ji asked that who is he then he replied that he is a poor sewak of the true guru. Guru ji replied that who said that you are poor this place where he lives will fame one day and whoever would come here and do ardaas from heart his wishes coes true. The Gurudwara Nada Sahib on the name of nadu shah labana is situated there on the bank of ghaggar river. Thousands of people go there and demand there wishes. the place is so famous when anybuddy move towards Yatra Hemkunt Sahib from punjab he always visits this place.