Misuse of Turban

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Patit Sikhs wear it

Sikh who cuts their hair put on the turban to denote they are sikh.

Miscomment others Turban

Raddi pagg banni ae. Many youngsters comment on turban. On sikhnet u find Rate my turban i want to add that turban is a beauty not deal with Kimey dee banni ae. Round turban, Pechan wali turban, Patiala shahi, Tikhi turban, Gol turban these all are acceptable you are not suppose to comment like this to anyones prestige

Binding turban without caring that it is touching floor

Well some buddies bind turban in bathroom and while binding turban touches floor sly in room too, which u bind on head why u let it touches the floor???

Mobiles in turban

Many youngsters on one side of turban they put mobile onto it and on other side theny put headphones for cheating

Things in turban

Turban is that part of sikhs which nobuddy touches as turban is prestige for sikhs and some youngsters misuse their prestige. Think if non Sikh teacher told you to take off your turban, or tore it, or remove it itself, how will you feel.