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Mata Mansa Devi (d. 1569) was the wife of the third Sikh Guru, Guru Amar Das. She was the daughter of Bhai Dev Chand, a Bahil Khatri of Sankhaira, a small town in Sialkot district (now in Pakistan). Her marriage to Guru Amar Das took place on 11 Magh 1559 Bk/ 8 January 1503, but the couple remained childless until a girl, Bibi Dani, was born to them in 1530 followed by three more children, Bibi Bhani (1535), who later married Bhai Jetha (who became the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, See article Platforms of Jetha), Bhai Mohan (1536) and Bhai Mohri (1539). Mata Mansa Devi died at Goindval in 1569. They had four children - two sons and and two daughters. See chart below.

Relatives of Guru Amar Das

Parents : Tej Bhan ԇ Mata Lacchmi
Wife : Mata Mansa Devi
Siblings : Bhai Mohan ԇ Bhai Mohri ԇ Bibi Dani ԇ Bibi Bhani
GrandSons : Guru Arjan Dev
Son In Law : Guru Ram Das ԇ Bhai Rama
Grand Parents : Baba Hari ԇ Mata Milavi ԇ Bhai Dev Chand
Brothers : Ishar Das ԇ Khem Rai ԇ Manak Chand