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Manianis is clan in labanas. It is said that these are related with Baba Balaknath and amma sati. Manianis worship the Amma satiwho was said to be engaged with faternal uncle of Balaknath. But before marriage he dies and Amma Sati demanded balaknath when he was a baby. but they refused after some time they agreed. know after some years amma sati send balak nath with tola of gorakhnath for future spiritual studies. But after that balaknath dont return after so many years. Amma sati didnt bear this and gather gohas and then ask shepards. but they refuse, its said that when shepard moved towards their village they couldnt saw anything and when they watched Amma they could saw everything. Then they put amma on fire on her request. As Amma send balaknath in gorakhnath tola.when balaknath become young he got taht he left his mother behind(or forgot). Then he goes to village where amma lives and he got the shocking news that amma is no more. Balaknath goes to mountains and work there with a rajputni(Dharni mai) for 12 years. She gives him lassi da channa and chapatis to eat. one day mai got the news that because of negligence of balaknath her cattle grazes feild of others. She in anger went towards balaknath place and started saying wrong to him and also said that she gave her food shelter etc. etc. Balaknath in return says " mai eh teri lassi tae eh teri rotiyan". When mai watched the channa in a kuhari and chapatis on a stick she falls on balaknath's feet. Balaknath not stayed there more.

Manianis are mostly found in Khori duna in pakistan, barilla in jammu and in haryana areas.

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