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Muklaawaa or Maklaavaa - This is an old custom among the people of Punjab where the bride would formally come to stay at the home of the groom. In the period before 1950's, the marriage ceremony was performed in two parts. On the occasion of the Anand Karaj, the bride would return to her parent's home after one night. The groom and bride would normally both be younger than 15 years at the time of the Anand Karaj. She would be accompanied by a few of her relations who would stay with her at all times at the groom's house.

The next day, she with her relations would return back to her home. Then after several years, the ceremony of Maklaavaa would take place when the bride would "permanently" leave her parents home and join the family of the groom. This ceremony was carried out with much pomp and celebration. Many foreign peoples mistook this ceremony for a second marriage ceremony.

Quote from "Encyclopedia of Sikhism" edited by Harbans Singh, "In Punjab, there are two and sometimes three big functions connected with marriage, i.e., engagement, wedding (Anand Karaj), and Muklaawaa. Big gatherings and singings are held at all these three functions. In many cases, the engagement was held as soon as the person had passed the infant stage. Even today engagements at 8 to 12 years of age are not uncommon in some interior parts of India. The wedding is performed a couple of years after the engagement. After the wedding, it takes another couple of years for the bride to move in with her in laws and live there. This is called Muklaawaa. A dowry and other gifts to the bride are usually given at this time of this ceremony to help her to establish a new home. Now, the wedding and Muklaawaa are performed on the same day and only when the partners are adults."