Makhan Singh Sandhu

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Birthplace: Manihala Kahn Khanda (near Lahore), Birthday: March 4, 1898 , Grew up in Hong Kong from age 1 to age 22, Immigrated to San Francisco June, 1920, Graduated from UC Berkeley in 1927 with a degree in Pharmacy and then further studied and received a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

1920 - Joined the Gadar Party which had been formed in San Francisco in 1905, For 17 years he worked full time for the party. His specific tasks were two-fold:

1) He set type in two languages Urdu and Gurmukhi and printed all the propaganda literature, newspaper, and magazine articles for the people in India and other countries.

2) He traveled the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas collecting money for the Party.

101 + year old Mr. Sandhu is now living in Ripon, CA. His daughter Lorraine is a great source of comfort for him. Maybe he is the oldest living Indian in the United States. Gadari Baba was honored as an Honorary member of Kooh-I-Noor Club in recognizing his outstanding service and achievement to the Indian Community of North America especially his sacrifice and service to free India by taking an active part in Gadar Party Movement. Kooh-I-Noor Club honored him as Chief guest at Golden night held in Sacramento on September 25, 1999. He is a living history to the Indian Community.