Major Sharam Singh

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Major Sharam Singh was born in 1901 at Dhamkin in Lahore district. He got his primary education from his village, middle from Sharaqpur and did matriculation from Lahore. For higher education he joined Khalsa College, Amritsar and passed F.A. in 1918. Afterwards, he joined education core in the army as an Havaldar in 1920. He was promoted as jamedar in 1928, Subedar in 1932, Subedar Major in1934, Liutenant in 1939, Captain in 1945 and Major in 1948. He retired as Major in 1963.

While in service he extended support to the programmes for the uplift of the Lobana community. He had a keen desire to spread education in the community and gave financial assistance for this purpose. He encouraged female education and set an example by sending his own daughters for higher education in good institutions.

Occupationally his contribution to the Lobanas was really praiseworthy. He taught and qualified many young boys of the community for taking service in the army. Due to his efforts many Lobanas joined army.

After retirement, in order to bring socio-cultural awakening among the Lobanas he started a monthly 'Lobana Sewak' in 1955. This journal continued uptil 1960. His health deterioted afterwards and he died in 1963.