Maharaja Sir Yadvinder Singh

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Maharaja Sir Yadvinder Singh

On March 23rd 1938 Maharaja Sir Yadvinder Singh succeeded as Maharaja on the death of his father, the well Known Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. The new Maharaja and his brother Raja Bhalindra Singh shared the love of playing cricket with their father. All of them played first-class cricket.

Maharaja Sir Yadvinder Singh was to be the last Pattiala kaMaharaja, agreeing to the incorporation of Patiala into the newly independent India on 5 May 1948, becoming Rajpramukh of the new Indian state of Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU).

He was allowed a privy purse of 17 Lakh Rupees for his upkeep and allowed to retain control over all his personal property.

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