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Muchukund is a religious shrine in Dhaulpur, Rajasthan. The place where Krishna is said to have killed kalyawan through Raja Machkund who was sleeping inside his den.

Hindu Mythology

King Muchukund sided with the devtas and was instrumental in their victory. Indra was so pleased that he offered Muchukund a boon. Muchukund was so tired that he asked Indra to allow him to sleep peacefully, if anyone should wake him up, Muchukund’s angry gaze would burn him to ashes. The Mahabharat reveals that during one of the battles with the demons Krishna was fighting with King Kalayavana who due to a boon recieved from Indra was more powerful than he. The King seeking to kill Krishna to the cave where Muchukund was sleeping. He covered the sleeping Muchukund with his pitamber and hid in the darkness. The King thinking him to be Krishna woke him up, and thus the he was burned to ashes, saving the life of Krishna.

The event took place, in a spot very near to the Muchukund Ji’s temple, where the ruins of the old palaces still exist. Today there is a water hole where it is believed that by bathing in it one will gain the fruit of 68 tiraths.

Sikh History

It was here that Guru Hargobind killed a lion where now stands a famous gurudwara Gurudwara Sher Shikar. Guru ji, on a hunt with the Emperor Jahangir had arrived at machkund on 4th march, 1612 and staying in Bhamtipura village. The head of that area told Jahangir about a lion that had turned man-eater asking him to kill the lion. The lion is said to have lunged in the direction of the emperor whose shots, as well of the others hunting with him, had all missed the lion. That is when the young Guru, whose father had been killed after Jahangir had ordered his arrest, jumped to his defense.

Jumping from his horse to the ground he thwarted the lion's attack. It has come down through history that Guru Hargobind called out to the lion, "Ae kale yaman pehlan toon war kar lae kidre tere man di iccha baaki na reh jaye", as the lion jumped upon him. The Guru raised his shield and swung his sword almost slashing the lion in half. Jahangir was no doubt thankful. Later at Gwalior Guru Hargobind ended up being held at Gwalior fort.

Conflicting stories tell of his stay there, but unlike his father he was never tortured. As his confinement there stretched beyond weeks to months, he told his worried Sangat that all woulld end well and even refused to leave when the Emperor ordered his release. In fact, he managed to free 52 Rajas (princes) who had long been prisoners of the fort. In a famous story which includes his getting around an order that the Emperor had given intending to allow only a few to be released, he managed by cleverly using Jahangirs exact wording to win the release of all 52. That day is celebrated around the world yearly by Sikhs, with much festivity, as Bandi Chhorh Divas.


Based in part on a book named Sher Shikar Machkund, written by rajinder singh soofi, Amritsar