Longing for the Guru

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A mid-nineteenth century miniature of Guru Har Gobind

A Sakhi on Guru Ji's Darshan

In the time of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji during the 1600's, there was a poor Gursikh who lived alone in a tiny, little mud hut on the outskirt of a small village. This Gursikh was blind and had a lot of Pyaar (love) for Guru Ji. He had heard about the powerful Guru who was the protector of the meek and poor.

As he couldn't travel anywhere he would ask people to go to see Guru Ji and then wait for their return to hear about the Guru. He would ask them - What does my Guru Ji look like? How brave is he? What weapons does he keep? What stories does he tell, etc and each would reply "The Guru's description is beyond speech. He is too handsome and far too powerful to be described verbally by mere words - I don't have the words to explain all his marvellous virtues".

One night he could not sleep, he kept thinking of Guru Ji and how wonderful he was. He longed so much to see the beautiful Mukh (appearance) of Guru Maharaj. The pain of the longing got too intense; he could not take it any longer. The separation was becoming unbearable. He felt angry at himself and began to blame himself for his predicament.

He said angrily, "Guru Ji, I am such a dirty sinner, I am unworthy of your darshan. I do not know what countless sins I have committed for me to suffer without ever seeing you."

At this moment Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji awoke from his Samadhi (meditation). He asked some Sikhs to prepare the horses and get ready as he had to go somewhere urgently. The Sikhs said, “Sat Bachan – (Yes, Sir)” and prepared a small party of men to accompany the Guru. Soon Guru Ji and the party of Sikhs were leaving the Gurdwara complex onto the path leading into the forest.

The blind Gursikh started to cry, he felt angry at himself, for being blind, he tore his hut apart throwing things and cursing himself. He wanted to kill himself. He wanted to go to see Guru Ji but could not. In this angry and confused state of mind, he ran out of the hut and just fled into the misty dark distance. In this state of confusion and deep seperation; with tearing flowing from his sad face he continued away from his hut. Suddenly, he tripped and fell. The fall resulted in him hurting himself pretty badly. He was now bleeding profusely.

In the pain and the cold, he started to cry only thinking of Guru ji. He was not concerned about the cold or the bodily pain – His pain was due to the longing for the Guru "Guru Ji, Guru Ji! Guru Ji! Guru Ji! Guru Ji! Guru Ji!" he cried continuously calling out for Guru Ji. Suddenly he felt two strong arms lift him to his feet, and he heard a striking strong voice "Ma'raa Pyaara, Maa Aa’gaya - My beloved, I have come"

The Gursikh could not believe his ears. He said, "Guru Ji, is it really you. But how is it that you have come to me?"

This is what Guru Ji said..."Beloved, I could not sleep without doing your darshan, I felt your heart pulling me towards you and I could not endure the separation any longer"

When the blind Sikh heard this he fell to Guru Ji's feet and cried so much he could not contain himself. Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji again lifted him and said "the home of Guru Nanak has everything. All the gifts of Waheguru are in Guru Nanak's house. I am very happy for you. Ask for whatever you desire"

The Gursikh was overwhelmed and replied "Guru Ji all that I ask of is, that my eyes may work so I can do your darshan"

Guru Ji smiled and kissed both of his eyes. When the Sikh opened his eyes, he again fell to Guru Ji's feet on being able to see Guru Ji. He could not help himself and could only continuously cry. He wept at Guru Ji’s feet and kept looking at the Guru, doing Guru Ji's Darshan. He could not even imagined such a handsome and powerful Guru, beyond words; indescribable. He just kept staring at Guru Ji.

Soon Guru Ji had to leave and then said to the Gursikh, "Beloved, I must go now, it is amrit-vela (pre Dawn time) and the Sangat will be waiting at the Gurdwara"

The Gursikh was very saddened and begged Guru Ji to stay for a little longer..."Guru ji, I cannot live without your Darshan now, what will I do if you leave me and go away now"

Guru Ji smiled again and said, "I am very pleased for you, Gursikha. You have shown much love and affection for the path of Guru Nanak - the house of Guru Nanak again offers whatever you ask for - Ask for I more thing"

The Sikh fell to the floor in "dandaut", (bowing down to the floor) with his arms stretched out towards Guru Ji and said "Guru Ji if you are going to give me one more thing then I ask you to take these eyes back as I wish not to see anything ever again besides your darshan. I only wish for your Mukh (Appearance) to be engrained in my mind. I have no desire to see anything else. Please take these eyes away again"

A tear dropped down Guru Ji's cheek as he granted the Gursikh his final wish.

Dhan Sikhi tah Dhan Gursikh!

Great is Sikhi and Great are the Guru’s Sikhs!

With Thanks to Gurpreet Singh "Very touching sakhi I came across from SikhiUnleashed.."