Letter 6

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Beta Soorya Kaur Ji,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru .1 i Ke Faeh

Received your letters and we are very happy to read that you are trying your best for self-improvement, self realization, and meditation and service of Khalsa.

We are very much late in writing and in replying your letters. On this side we were also very busy for expansion of Sikh way of life in the villages near our Khalsa farm. We went to villages on foot from place to place. People took Amrit in hundreds and promised to live a truthful life. A large number of people are ready to take Amrit. So, this way the process is going on. The people throughout whole of the world have got tired from intoxications and sins. So they are waiting for an alternative and relief from all these troubles. Now only true and sacrificed lives are required to become a light house for all these misguided ruined and dark-wandering people. We are giving a dim message to the people but we are gazing at you American Sikhs to carry this message of truth, message of complete light and love to the world. Our life is going well; holy, happy, and healthy here. You have asked about the Sikh community, I may assure you that it will also go in Chardi Kala, for the reason that it has got some real and devoted persons like Yogiji and American Sikhs and Soorya Kaur. Pay our heartiest bravo to Yogiji and all engaged companions. I am very sure that capable Guru Gobind Singh will honor his every labor for spreading truth and uplifting many hopeless lives in the world. I feel that Yogiji is the best spiritual worker of Guru Akal Purakh. There are very rare drawbacks in him but these will be ignored in heaven and he will enjoy the warm love of Guru Gobind Singh in the final accounts. All honest and inspired Sikhs in India like him and respect him. I also send my respect to him and his 3H0 family. Say my Fateh to Sardar and Sardarni Yogi.