Langar Hall

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Langar Hall This is an open hall situated with all Sikh Gurdwaras where Langar or free vegetarian food is served. One has to sit on the carpeted floor in straight lines called "pentaa" as a sign that everyone is equal before God and that no one has a higher or lower status in Waheguru's domain.

One should walk to an empty space in the "pentaa" and sit down. A volunteer or Sewadar will provide you with a steel tray with multiple compartments, spoon and a glass for your food and drink. Other Sewadars will come and offer you various foods and drink. If you want a small portion say so before you are served. If you want some item of food or drink say so to the volunteer as he comes near you.

It is better to ask for less rather than take too much and waste the food. Say “very little” to the Sewadar (volunteer) serving the Langar. If you require more later, just wait for the Sewadar to come around and ask if he has not noticed you – just say “yes please” as he/she come near you.

When you have finished leave you tray and glass. It is normal to then wash your hands at the Basin provided.