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Kirpal Singh Headmaster was born in c. 1925 at the village of Bhatpura (Baramula). His father Nambardar Sirdar Singh was a man of religious disposition and charitable habits. Kirpal Singh received his early education from Baramula School and stayed in the Guru Hargobind Boarding House. He passed his F.Sc. examination from Sri Partap College, Srinagar. He was a good hockey player and represented the valley in Lahore Hockey matches.

After passing F.Sc. he was appointed Headmaster of the Khalsa Middle School, Satima (Rafiabad). He was a popular teacher and people of different religious backgrounds respected him.

He participated in the freedom struggle by awakening the people. In 1947, when Pathan tribals attacked the village he, along with some Sikhs, fought against them. According to local people a bullet hit his leg. In the evening he disappeared along with other 14 Sikh soldiers. His whereabouts were never known. Nobody knows as to how and where he died. The death of this great social worker, educationist and freedom fighter remains a mystery.

S. Kirat Singh Inquilabi has established an award in his name, given to the best Punjabi student of Kashmir every year.