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Kalgi on a turban

While today a Turban with a Kalgi has become a fashion item, most often seen in Indian weddings of both Hindu and Muslim weddings, where a 'Ready made Topi (hat) is donned by the Groom. These ready made turbans serve to make the Groom a 'Prince' for the day.

The Kalgi is normally worn on the front of the turban and consists of a single feather or a a cluster of feathers worn as an ornament which forms a plume.

Throughout the Middle East and Asia the turban was a symbol of Royalty and both the Hindu warrior caste and the Mughals and other Muslims wore turbans.

The Kalgi, however was usually reserved for Rajas (Princes) and Maharajas. Sikh Gurus are often depicted in paintings and drawings with Kalgis.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji made the turban a requirement, one of the Five Ks; items to be worn or carried by all Sikhs who have been initiated into the Khalsa.

While many Asians wear turbans, the Sikh Turban is a long band of cloth which each Khalsa ties in his own unique way. However many Sikhs believe that the Kalgi should not be worn today.

An illustrations from the B-40 Janamsakhi, with many Kalgis pictured. Click to enlarge Photo

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