July 4

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1955 Indian police entered Darbar Sahib complex and arrested several Akali leaders.

1965 Nalwa Conference Resolution at Ludhiana, which asserted the Sikh's right to self-determination. The text of the resoltion follows:

Resolution of Sikh political status
General Hari Singh Nalwa Conference
Ludhiana (Punjab)
July 4th
1. This Conference in commemoration of General Hari Singh Nalwa of historical fame reminds all concerned that the Sikh people are makers of history and are conscious of their political destiny in a free India.
2. This Conference recalls that the Sikh people agreed to merge in a common Indian nationality on the explicit understanding of being accorded a constitutional status of co-sharers in the Indian sovereignty along with the majority community, which solemn understanding now stands cynically repudiated by the present rulers of India.
Further, the Sikh people have been systematically reduced to a sub-political status in their homeland, the Punjab, and to an insignificant position, in their mother-land India. The Sikhs are in a position to establish before an impartial International Tribunal, uninfluenced by the present Indian rulers that the laws, the judicial processes and the executive actions of the union of India are consistently and heavily weighed against the Sikhs and are administered with bandaged eyes against Sikh citizens.
3. This Conference, therefore, resolves, after careful thought and consideration that there is no alternative for the Sikhs in the interests of their self preservation but to frame their political demand for securing a self-determined political status within the Republic of the Union of India.
Moved by: Sardar Gurnam Singh, Bar-at-law, Judge, High Court (Retd.) / M.L.A. (Punjab), Leader of the Opposition