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A Jatt Sikh is an ethnic group descended from Indo-Scythians(The Indo-Scythians are a branch of the Indo-Iranian Sakas (Scythians), who migrated from southern Siberia into Bactria, Sogdiana, Arachosia, Gandhara, Kashmir, Punjab, and into parts of Western and Central India, Gujarat and Rajasthan, from the middle of the 2nd century BCE to the 4th century CE. The first Saka King in India was Maues or Moga who established Saka power in Gandhara and gradually extended supremacy over north-western India. Indo-Scythian rule in India ended with the last Western Satrap Rudrasimha III in 395 CE.).

Jatt Sikhs distinguish themselves from their Jatt Hindu counterparts and believe themselves to be of a purer Scythian stock. There are nearly 11 million Jatt Sikhs in South Asia, mostly in Punjab, where they comprise 42.5% of the population.