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Mr. Jagir Singh Bains has been awarded The Vice President’s Eagle Award and $2500 cash by the United States Postal Services on January 19, 2001. He has already been a recipient of the SPOT Award twice and each time was given $1000 cash by the Manager of Operation Programs of the Triboro District. His mission has been to maintain the required Inventory Turnover Ratio (ITR) to the highest level. ITR is the dollar value of parts inventory used divided by total inventory for the Triboro Vehicle Maintenance Facilities (VMF). The Triboro District used to have a very low ITR far below the goal of 7.5%. By virtue of his concerted efforts and cooperation of his staff, he attained an ITR of 12.4% much above the national goal of 7.5%. "His reports are accurate and detailed", says Tommie L. McLeod, Manager, VMF Triboro District. "ITR is just one of the responsibilities he holds," says McLeod, "He travels to the Triboro VMF’s to supervise storekeepers and tool and parts clerks. When tasked to audit a site, he works day and night, holidays and weekends, until it’s done."

Mr. Jagir Singh Bains, age 69, has been a Supervisor of Vehicle Supplies for the last ten years in Triboro District of United States Postal Services. His experience includes supervising and training a group of store- keepers and tool & parts clerks in the district comprising of New York Metro area.

Mr. Bains was born and reared in Punjab, India. In India he had 2 years of college and a Diploma in Auto Engineering and joined the India’s Army in 1950 and retired as a Junior Commission Officer in 1969. He then signed a contract with Zambia Defense Force and resigned in 1974 to move to the United States and started working as a tools & parts clerk in the Postal Service. While working as a storekeeper in Queens VMF (vehicle maintenance facility) he was commended with a Quality Step increase and since then he has been a model employee with the Postal Services for the last 23 years. He has also been very active in his social life. He is a former Vice President of the Sikh Cultural Society Richmond Hill, presently executive member of Richmond Hill Community Association and also Recording Secretary 102 PCT Community Council of NY.

His residence is in Fresh Meadow Queens NY.

Mr. Bains has also been recommended to The Maintenance Council (TMC) for additional recognition. He likes to keep up the goals he already accomplished till his retirement after 2 or 3 years or as long as he is able to serve the USPS and be recognized with the highest award.

About his job achievements he says that he was awarded in recognition of his dedication and diligence in improving the operation of Queens Vehicle Maintenance Facility. Mr. Bains has been commended for very high level of performance and commitment to service excellence by the United States Postal Service. "Whatever I have been able to achieve is due to my integrity, honesty, hard work, dedication to my job and the best of cooperation I could get from my colleagues. I always love my job as well as I worship my God." are his remarks.

Mr Jagir Singh Bains is proud of his Sikh identity, that is, keeping full beard and wearing a majestic turban, which have always been appreciated by his subordinates as well as by his superiors.

Mr Jagir Singh Bains was honored by the Sangat with a Siropa at Gurdwara Sahib on Feb.11, 2001