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Jagadhri is a city and a municipal council in Yamunanagar district in the Indian state of Haryana. This town is a part of twin towns, constituting Jagadhri and Yamunanagar, though Jagadhri being the older one and the later being a relatively new town (with old name "Abdullahpur). There is hardly any demarcation between the two towns and almost impossible, without knowing, where one town ends and where other starts.

It is supposed that small towns Yugandhra & Ganadhari had been demolished by Nadirshah in 1739. The credit of rebuilding this city goes to Sardar Roa Singh in 1783. Slowly it became a major centre of metals industry.

The town was earlier very famous for its brassware including utensils, though nowadays the brass work is not in much practice due to high cost. Subsequently Jagadhri entered into, and made its mark in high quality stainless steel products. In addition to this jagadjri has also entered into a new business in the last decade, the business of trading timber. There are a lot of shops doing this business these days.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee visited this place during there travels.