Historical Palang Sahib, Jodhpur

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Palang Sahib

Gurdwara Singh Sabha is not associated with any historical visit by a Guru to this location but louses a important piece of furniture associated with a Sikh Guru. There is a historical "Palang Sahib" (Bed) linked to a Sikh Guru located in Gurdwara Singh Sabha Jodhpur. This bed was given by Pir Buddhu Shah to Guru Gobind Singh ji.

The bed was recovered by one of Sipah Salahkar of Guru Sahib, which was preserved by generation after generation of their descendent who had settled in Jodhpur. When the local Sikhs learned about the existence of the bed they requested that the historic bed be turned over to them. However, their exuberant demand fell on deaf ears. Fortunately however, a purchase was arranged to the satisfaction of all.

Today this bed of Guru Gobind Singh ji is present in a room in Gurdwara Singh Sabha at Jodhpur. Today, the last rites of day of the Guru Granth Sahib called Sukhasan is done on this historical palang sahib, which was once in daily use by the tenth Sikh master.