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Over 70,000 visitors to SikhiWiki in a month
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Congratulation to SikhiWiki users!!

In the last month from 6 November to 6 December 2007, over 72,000 visits were made to SikhiWiki. That is a record!! Click on the adjacent picture to see the exact details. Are you included in the figure of 72,008?

Are all your friends connecting with Sikhi through this site. If not, why not! Tell your friends about this site and let them also learn about Sikhi. We believe that this is the most comprehensive site for learning about Sikhism and the Sikhs - It is free to access and new items are added every day.

SikhiWiki offers detailed articles on Sikhi and its history; daily Hukamnama from Darbar Sahib, Amritsar with links to the best translation sites; a daily short quote from Gurbani to provide a spiritual focus for the day; latest Sikh news; Important Forthcoming Events and Sikhi calendar; etc, etc.

Make this your homepage and enjoy the sweet message of the Guru daily!

Top country is UK!! see the table below:

# Country Visits
1. United Kingdom 23,793
2. United States 16,724
3. India 11,622
4. Canada 10,104
5. Australia 1,614
6. Malaysia 1,081
7. Germany 848
8. Singapore 530
9. United Arab Emirates 358
10. Norway 322