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Food for Thought for all SikhiWiki Users & TRUE Sikh.s....Do Say something to 'TRUTH god'(read Humanity) !!!

....akhn jor chupyy nhee jor....(nothing else but truthful speach is the strength of Sikhi.

....kach pkaaee eyythy pay...(TRUE Sikhi. is not crafting TRUE IDEAs alone. TRUE Sikhi. is

  • Jis hath jor kar vyykhyy soy.....
  • TRIAL evaluating the Crafted TRUE IDEAs, Making them reach the 'HAVE Nots', involving the 'Have Nots' to see THOSE Truths (read TRUTH god), which 'Haves' have hidden & well gaurded in the maze of Anti Humanity rules regulations & cultures spread over the globe.

Who are They ?

What is missing with Them?


Since When?


Do We 'Sikh.s of Net Breed' Know them?

...or we are busy in proving what SatGurBani does not say?

How to Count Them?

Who will count them

What are the Resources With our Nation

  • Land ( All the land possessed by all the Sikhs of the universe)
  • Monry? ( All the Money Held By all the Sikhs of The universe)
  • Material? ( All the material resources with all sikhs)
  • Men (Mumans)? (Sikh population count right up to remotest corner of the World)
  • Minutes? ( Total Work Hrs which Sikhs can spare beyond Their professional commitment of 50 Hrs per week to earn his Hava,Pani,Roti, kapda, makaan

In Our Nation No one is chhota no One is Bada

  • Every one is IDOL of TRUTH (read GOD) (Sat Shiri Akaal)
  • Every one is 'TRUTH god' with human attributes.

Panj Piary( Best five )

  • ....manage every organisation; from a small family to an biggest Commercial / industrial organisation one can Think off.
  • Best 5 out of the the Total strength of the Org take all legal decisions.
  • There is no heirachy in the socio-political frame work of Khalsa Nation
  • All Sikhs are connected with their local Gurdwaras

Every Sikh is owner of all resouces of Khalsa

Khalsa Net

  • All Gurdwaras can be perceived to be on one IT net Through Internet with every Gurdwara hosting its own site on a standrard It format (Some thing like Wikipedia

How to Count GurDwaras??