Gyani Labh Singh Bhikhi

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Gyani Labh SIngh Ji Bhikhi

Gyani Labh Singh Ji Bhikhi (25 April 1881 to 29 April 1974), was a Pracharak (educator) and freedom fighter, who was born in village Bhikhi, Sheikhupura District, Pakistan. From childhood, he spent his life participating in the fight against the British Government, for India's Independence. A prolific voice for India's freedom, no matter where he traveled to deliver one of his impassioned speeches for Independence, thousands of people came to listen. Even the smallest village would overflow with thousands, for once word spread that he would be speaking, people would travel from far and near.


Such was his passion for this cause and so to the point were his words, that he often spoke to crowds of thousands without the aid of a microphone and speakers. He was very daring, patriotic and straight forward person who was jailed several times during the fight for India's freedom. As a true Sikh of Guru Nanak Dev, he didn't believe in the evil of the caste system and often spoke out against it, even refusing to use his, caste based, surname of Kalra; he used his village's name - Bhikhi. He also didn't believe in superstition.

Active contribution

He also took an active part in the Jaito da Morcha and others. An avid poet, his essays and poems encouraged his countrymen, to fight together for their country's freedom.

For his contributions to India's independence, Punjab Chief Minister S. Pratap Singh Kairon honoured him with the Praman Patra. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi presented him with the Tamra Patra for his contribution and participation in India's independence, as the Chief Minister of Punjab (name?) and India's President Giani Zail Singh looked on.

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