Gurudwara Tabhsar Sahib

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Guru Har Gobind Ji, while coming from Gwalior, on his way to Amritsar halted at village Ajnaur. Guruji was informed by local villagers about a lion who was striking terror in the area. Guruji was in search for that lion when he came across a fresh water pond. Guruji took rest at this pond, the present site of Gurdwara Tabhsar Sahib Continuing his search for the lion he reached Bhamuja. He killed lion there and brought place in minds of the local villagers. The skin of the lion was presented to Baba Sri Chand (Kiratpur) by him. Guruji liked this fresh water pond, so much, that he visited this place again while coming from Bhai Ki Daroli. From here he went to Kiratpur Sahib.


Gurdwara Tabhsar Sahib is situated in village Goh near village Manupur. It is 7 kms. from town of Khanna and 45 minutes drive from city of Ludhiana.