Gurudwara Padal Sahib (Mandi)

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Gurdwara Padal Sahib- Mandi formerly the capital of a hill state of the same name, is now a district town in Himachal Pradesh. Guru Gobind Singh once visited Mandi on the invitation of its ruler Siddh Sen. While the Guru pitched his camp outside the town, the ladies of his household were accommodated in the Ruler's palace. Two shrines were established here, one inside the palace and the other at the site of the Guru's camp. The inner shrine is maintained by the erstwhile ruling family. The other one near the bank of the River Beas is called Gurdwara Padal Sahib. It was endowed with a land grant in Balh vikllage by Sardar Lahina Singh Majithia, governor of this region under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Its building was reconstructed by Sardar Dina Nath, chief secretary of Mandi State, in 1926