Gurudwara Manji Sahib (Srinagar)

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In the summer of 1620 Guru Hargobind visited Kashmir. A Manji or the seat of Sikh mission was established at Srinagar in Guru Amar Das's time. The contemporary masand or the incumbent in charge of Gurudwara Manji Sahib was Sewa Das. His aged mother, Mai Bhagbhari had sewn a gown for the Guru, with her own hands and cherished a wish that the Guru should wear it in front of her eyes. It was the magnetism of Mai Bhagbhari which drew Guru Hargobirid to Kashmir. On reaching Srinagar the Guru met Sewa Das and many more Kashmiri devotees. They received him with great love and devotion. The mother of Sewa Das touched the feet of the Guru. The Guru asked her to bring the gown she had made for him and put it on. The joy of Mai Bhagbhari knew no bounds.

The Guru stayed at Srinagar for nearly three months. He held congregations, delivered discourses and left the place only after he had supervised the last rites of Mata Bhagbhari and had thus immortalised her. At Srinagar Guru Hargobind expounded the thesis that the Guru's treasure chest is for the benevolence of the poor.