Gurudwara Chota Nanakiana Sakardu

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Gurudwara Chota Nanakiana at Sakardu

Sakardu is a well known town of Pakistan occupied Kashmir Kashmir. It is at a distance of about 450 km from Lahore. Every year thousands of people come to visit this place in summer. There is a big building on top of a small hill, about 1 km from the main cross-road of Sakardu. It is this luilding which is known as Gurdwara Chota Nanakiana. Prakashasthan, langar hall, and inn for pilgrims are on the hill. There are several shops on the main road below this building. These shops are owned by this sacred place.

Sakardu Fort is about two kilometer from the Gurdwara. Sat Guru Nanak had stayed at this place while he was on his way back from China. It is also called as "Asthan Nanak Pir" by the local people.

The building is not in a good condition, Prakashasthan has started collapsing and rest of the building too wears a deserted look. Only the shops remain as they are looked after by the occupants.