Guru Nanak in Italy

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A Quote:
Travels Of Guru Nanak written by Prof. Surinder Singh Kohli in 1969 and published by Publication Bureau,Punjab University, Chandigarh. In his chapter "Turkey And Beyond Turkey" on page no. 152-154, the respected Prof. has mentioned that----"Various Sikh scholars have expressed their opinion that the Guru who had visited all the prominent religious centres, could not ignore Vatican(Rome) in Italy,which is the seat of Pope or the Head of the Catholic Church.Therefore his visit to Rome in Italy can not be ruled out."

Nanak In Rome

Satguru Nanak Sahib was in Madina.This the page from Nanak Prakash which appeared in Sammat 1880(corressponding to 1823 A. D.)>From Madina Sultan Selim-I accompanied the Almighty Satguru either on yakkas or through ship(by courtsy of Nanak Prakash published by Chatar Singh Jiwan Singh, Amritsar)
This the page of Nanak Prakash written by Giani Santokh Singh. Satguru Nanak Sahib and Bhai Sahib Mardana Ji went to Baghdad and other countries and then to Greece and Rome(by courtsy of Nanak Prakash published by M/S Chatar Singh Jiwan Singh).
Almighty Satguru Nanak Sahib was told by the people ofIran(Persia)the atrocities committed by Sultan Hamid Karun.Satguru decided to rectify him.Due to ancient names in Janamsakhies, some historians have wrongly related the meeting of almighty Satguru Nanak sahib with Hamid Karun in Rome whereas this meeting took place in Iran.Karun is a river in Iran and Sultan Hamid belonged to Iran. Actually, Shah Ismail-I has been misquoted as Hamid Karun. He has got this name "Karun" from the Karun river. He collected enough money by hook or crook. Satguru Nanak Sahib tought him the right path and he distributed his ill-gitten money to the poors.Surinder Singh Johar has rightly pinpointed in his book Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji,published by Sri Parkashan, Delhi-32 in 2004.But in his above said book he thinks that there was no Hamid Karun and some body has attached the fabricated story with Satguru Nanak Sahib. But for the kind information of the Holy congregation, it was the Shah Ismail-I who was called Hamid Karun(A river named Karun in Iran) by some historians and Bhai Kuer Singh who wrote "Janam Sakhi Bhai Mani Singh".( Pages 406-409 by courtsy of M/s Chatar Singh Jivan Singh's book written by Giani Inder Singh).
Sultan Hamid Karun's thirst for money.Shah of Iran, Ismail-I is misquoted by some historians.