Gurdwara Yaadgaar Shaheedan

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Gurudwara Yaadgaar Shaheedaan, Darbar Sahib Complex, Sri Amritsar

Dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of 1984 assault of the Indian Army on the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple), Sri Amritsar

Brief History

Saabar Sidak saheed bharm bhau khowna

Sachkhand Sri Harimandir Sahib is a central shrine of Sikh devotion, entity and identity where as Sri Akal Takhat Sahib symbolizes distinct Sikh thought. The Sikhs have always been spreading the divine gospel of gurus deriving inspiration and enthusiasm from these shrines. These sources of religio-spiritual power of the Sikhs have always been the eye-sore of contemporary anti Sikh forces and they on their toes to mitigate them. Zakaria Khan, Yahya Khan, Ahmed Shah Abdali and then Congress Govt. in June, 1984, raided, ransacked and tried their level best to bulldoze the existence of these shrines. The memorials of great warrior Baba Deep Singh Ji, first Head of Damdami Taksal and Baba Gurbax Singh Ji, his successor in the holy Complex add grandeur to Sikh history, who fell martyr fighting against the huge army, defending these shrines from the invaders.

The Indian army, at the order of Congress Govt. of India, attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib, the central Sikh Shrine and Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, the highest seat of Sikh spiritual and temporal authority. The fearless Sikh warriors fought against the Indian army with exemplary courage and bravery. In the independent India, in June 1984 the army attacked the holy precincts with tanks and canons with the view to mitigating the entity and identity of the Sikhs and defaming the community who made innumerable scarifies to see India free and killed thousands of Sikhs not sparing the innocent women and children even.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the President of Sikh Students Federation, General Sardar Subeg Singh (Retd.), Baba Thahra Singh alongwith thousand others, fell martyrs fighting against the Indian Army under the guidance and inspiration of great warrior Sant Gyani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhinderanwale, the 14th head of Damdami Taksal on June 6, 1984. This memorial Gurdwara Yaadgaar Shaheedan commemorating the great sacrifices of thousands of martyrs, was prepared by Baba Harnam Singh Ji Khalsa, the head of Damdami Taksal, the Kar Sewa of which was entrusted upon by Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee, Sri Amritsar.

Manager, Sri Darbar Sahib.