Gurdwara Sis Ganj (Mohalla Kainth Majri)

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Gurdwara Sis Ganj (Mohalla Kainth Majri) - When the 27 year old Guru Gobind Singh passed through Ambala on his way to Kurukshetra in 1702, he stopped to rest under a tree near some potter's huts. Mehar Dhumian, then an old man, told him about the stranger with baskets who had stayed under the same tree 27 years earlier. When Guru Gobind Singh told him of his father's martyrdom and the story of the courageous devotee who had conveyed his father's, the former Guru's severed head to Anandpur, Mehar Dhumian bowed to him in awe and wonder. The story spread like wild fire and soon many people assembled to gain Darshan of Guru Gobind Singh, who held a congregation (satsang) at the spot.

Gurdwara Satsant Sahib

While there the Guru is also said to have visited the very house where Bhai Jaita (the Sikh who had returned Guru Tegh Bahadur's severed head to Anandpur Sahib) had stayed overnight. In reverence of the two visitors the devotees established tharas (platforms) at the sites where the Guru and Bhai Jaita had stayed, at the tharas they occasionally assembled for prayers. Gurdwara Satsant Sahib remained in private hands till 1934 when a local committee was formed to manage it. A new building was raised during 1935.

Further development has taken place since. A large hall now encloses the old double-storey domed structure. To acquire Gurdwara Sis Ganj the Sikhs had to fight a court case, which was decided in their favour, the newly formed Shriomani Gurdwara Committee took it over in 1926. All the five Gurdwaras are now administered by S.G.P.C. through a local committee, which has its office at Gurdwara manji Sahib (Baoli Sahib).

Another Muslim saint, Pir Arif Din, who was also highly respected visited Lakhnaur and bowed before the child Guru. His disciples resented this action by a Muslim Holyman showing just how much respect some had for the Sufi Sant. The Pir quietened them, by saying that he had bowed before none else than the Lord, whom he saw manifested in the child. (For Muslims who hold that Allah never incarnates (they hold that Jesus was only a Holy man calling him Hazrat) this was very liberal thinking).