Gurdwara Sahib, Daftu

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The historic town of Lalyani is situated on the Lahore-Ferozpur road. A very famous village by the name of Daftu is located at a distance of four Kilometer from Lalyani. The beautiful building of the Gurdwara inside the village in visible from a distance. It is said that this was the Gurdwara where Baba Bullhe Shah took refuge when he was banished from the village by the Chaudhris (Leaders) of Pandoki. It is a very big fort-like Gurdwara. 80 Squares of lands is said to be endowed to this gurdwara by Bibi Isher Kaur the famous sardarni (chieftain). The house of Bibi Isher Kaur is in the village popularly known as Ishero-de-Mehel (the palace of Ishero) which is gradually becoming a heap of dust.