Gurdwara Sacha Sauda

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Gurdwara Sacha Sauda

Gurdwara Sachcha Sauda is situated at a distance of 37 miles from Lahore on the Lahore-Lyallpur Railway Line.

Guru Nanak as a young man was sent by his father Mehta Kalu, who was hoping to instill a sense of business in his son, to buy some goods which he cold return home with, then sell and make a profit.


At least that was Mehta Kalu's plan but along the way to his destination, the young Nanak came across some sadhus who were hungry and without food. The Guru to be decided to use the sum his father had given him (a sum of Rs. 20) with which to provide a meal, a langar for the Sadhus. Returning home without any purchases Mehta Kalu was very annoyed. But young Nanak explained to his father that as he saw it he had done a very good deed, feeding the starving Sadhus, and gaining the best profit one could gain from the money. It would not be the last time that Mehta Kalu would worry over his son.


On the spot where Guru Nanak Dev fed the sadhus, now stands a magnificent Gurdwara that was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, on the pattern of a fortress. The building of the Gurdwara is very beautiful. The very impression of the Darshani Deorhi attracts the congregations. In the beginning, the service of the Gurdwara was in the hands of Udasis.

The management of the Gurdwara came under Panthic administration after the Gurdwara Reform Movement, but after the partition of British India which saw the Punjab (the once legendary Sikh Raj of Maharaja Ranjit Singh divided, the Gurdwara was closed as most of the area's Sikhs and Hindus, fled to the safety of the Indian side of the border, but on the occassion of Baisakhi in April 1993, the sangats were allowed to once again, pay homage to the Gurdwara, some 46 years after the Partition of '47.

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