Gurdwara Pehli Pathshahi, Mallah

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Mallah, a village of P.S. Shah Gharib, is 9 miles south of Narowal railway station. This village is about 4 kilometers before Eesa on the road leading from Kanjror to Eesa. There used to be a Gurdwara of Guru Nanak Dev Ji on the eastern side outside this village where Guru Ji took a brief sojourn under the shadow of a bair tree while on his way from Kartarpur to Sialkot. There was a small Gurdwara near this tree. Now neither the tree nor the Gurdwara are there, what remains is a heap of dust. In 1952 this Gurdwara collapsed due to the floods in the River Ravi.

Parkash of Guru Granth Sahib used to take place in the pucca (built with baked brick) Gurdwara inside the village and this asthan is still there. Maharaja Ranjit Singh assigned 50 ghumaon land to it which is now under the possession of Evacuee Waqf Board.