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Gurdwara Langar Sahib is situated on the bank of holy river Godavari and is just a kilometer away from Nanded station. This Gurudwara is situated at a little distance from Sachkhand Sahib on the bank of Godavari river beside Gurudwara Nagina Ghat.


After the death of Aurangazeb there was a battle amongst his sons for the throne of Delhi. Prince Bahadur Shah asked Guru Gobind Singh Ji to help him in the battle with his sikh army. He promised Guru Ji that if he won the battle and when he will enthroned in Delhi he will handover all the accused who had tried to perform any sort of cruel deed on the sikhs during the time of Aurangazeb. By the help of Guru Ji Bahadur Shah won the battle and became the King of India. During that period a mutiny had started in South India. To bruise the mutiny he started to move towards south with his army and also asked Guru Ji to step with him.

After occupying the throne of Delhi Bahadur Shah slipped off his words and instead of handing over those accused to Guru Ji he started to change the topic. Guru Ji in solving this matter, moved towards South with him. At that time Guru Ji and his army halted at this place in Nanded and it was the Gurudwara Langar Sahib which was used as the place to cook and serve the langar for Guru Ji's army.

In sikh world the langar service was started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and it was being continued from that time. The langar was started for Guru Ji's disciples who use to come to listen to his preachings from far or near by villages. Apart from this the langar was also served for the poor and the needy people. To keep away the byfercation of caste and feeling of untouchability, Guru Ji ordered that all the devotees coming to the Gurudwara will have to sit in the same line and have the pleasure of langar without discriminating themselves on the basis of religion or caste. During the time of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, his beloved wife, Mata Khivi Ji use to look after all the responsibilities of the langar. The war of Satta & Balwand is also entered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in which it is told that Mata Khivi Ji use to serve Kheer made up of pure ghee. Sri Guru Amardas Ji has given the order that whoever wants to have a view of him would have to first sit in the line and have langar and it was only after this that the person was allowed to meet him. His order was for everyone whether he be big, small, rich or poor, belong to high caste or low caste. Even the mughal emperor of India at that time Akbar when came to have a view of Guru Ji he had to also sit in the line and have the langar and it was only after that he had the pleasure of having Darshan of Guru Ji. He was very happy to see all the arrangements.

History is witness that Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji before going on to his voyage to Sachkhand told the importance of langar to the sikhs and asked them to continue this in future. He himself handed over the responsibility of Sri Hazur Sahib to Bhai Santokh Singh Ji and asked him to continue the service of langar thereafter. Bhai Sahib Ji folding his hands urged to Guru Ji that how can he continue the service of langar at this place as there were no Khalsa residing there and asked from where will the cost of running langar be achieved. Guru Ji told Bhai Sahib Ji not to worry about the money and just obey his orders. Guru Ji told Bhai Santokh Singh Ji about the future and also made him believe that this place will no longer remain unknown to the Khalsa. If it was necessary he himself will send some great people to this place who will serve the langar permanently. In past the sikhs became unaware of their duties by the responsibility of langar and started many other services like the construction of Gurudwara, Bunga and many other things.

In 1912 when Sant Baba Nidhan Singh Ji was sitting on the platform of Nanded Railway Station and was waiting for the train to Punjab, he was busy in Simran. At that moment Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave him Darshan and stopped him from going to Punjab and ordered him to go back to his ancient langar place and start the service of langar there. At that time there were very less devotees who use to come to Nanded due to the non existence of traveling medium. At that time there was a deep forest where there is Gurudwara Langar Sahib today. Hence Baba Nidhan Singh Ji urged to Guru Ji, "Sachhe Patshah! from where will I bring the money to run langar service?" Guru Ji blessed Baba Ji, "Khisa Mera Hath Tera." Baba Ji obeyed Guru Ji's order and came to this place. With great patience and trust he started the langar service here. It was just due to his hard work and the blessings of Guru Ji that the langar started at that time is running till now without stoppage. Langar is served 24 hours. Now a days hot tea is also included in the service of langar.

The present responsibilities are in the hands of Sant Baba Narinder Singh Ji. By the blessing of Guru Ji the whole langar is being cooked in pure ghee for past few years. Any other oil or ghee is not being used for cooking in the gurdwara. All the devotees are the witness who come up to this place and have the pleasure of having the langar till today there have been no shortage in any material. Instead of being so big, a great importance is given to cleaning. There is special care taken while cooking the langar and also while cleaning the utensils. When the devotees reach this place after traveling for many days, the services provided to them make them feel happy and give them a homely environment. As this place is the home of Guru, there's no discrimination among anyone. Dear devotees, all these services are being carried out by the help of great men who have dedicated their lives in the service of Gurudwara and the other disinterested service men working under the name of Almighty. According to the holy saying “Gursikha andar satguru varte” The Almighty himself performs all the duties residing in the heart of the devotees.


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