Gurdwara Gend Sahib (Bhanokheri)

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Gurdwara Gend Sahib - During his stay at Lakhnaur during 1670-71, Guru Gobind Singh once playing with ball and stick went to the neighboring village Bhano Kheri. The shrine established here to commemorate the holy visit is called Gurdwara Gend Sahib (gend is Punjabi for ball). It comprises a small domed room with a covered circumambulatory passage around it, and is located outside the village to the northeast of it, the place from which the Guru had gone back. Bhano Kheri is approached either across country from Gurdwara Lakhnaur Sahib only about 1.5 kilometres distant, or by Ambala-Barnala road to which Bhano Kheri is linked by a 3-kilometres stretch of metalled road branching off near Bahibalpur village.