Gurdwara Gau Ghat

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited the site in his travels during early sixteenth century. It is believed that Nawab of Lodhi Jalal-ud-din who lived in the fort nearby, came to pay respect to Guruji. The Nawab requested Guruji to save the town from erosion by the River Sutlej. Guruji adviced him to leave it to the will of God. It so happened that in due course of time river Satluj moved away from the city. A main hall stands at the site to mark the ocassion. Prakash Divas of all Gurus are celebreted here. Baisakhi too is celebrated with enthusiasm. Ludhianagaughatg.jpg Location Gurdwara Gau Ghat is situated on the bank of the stream Budha Nala, Gau Shala road, Division No.3 in Ludhiana City. It is 1 km. from Samrala Chowk