Gurdwara Garna Sahib

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Gurdwara Garna Sahib is Situated at a distance of about 1 ½ km from the railway station, Garna Sahib, and about 1km from village Bodal, tahsil Dasuya, Gurdwara Garna Sahib is also built in the sacred memory of Guru Hargobind.


The Guru is said to have planted a dried branch of a garna tree here which grew up as a tree and hence the name 'Garna Sahib'. Fairs are held here on every Maghi, Sankrant, Amavas and Baisakhi. Besides, a fair is held on the birthday of Guru Hargobind in the month of June. A large number of people visit the place and free langar is served. There is a museum on the upper storey of the Gurdwara, where paintings of Sikh Gurus are displayed.