Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi, Guru Mangat

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Once this sacred shrine used to be very close to Lahore Cantonment railway station but now Gulberg, a modern locality of Lahore, has developed around it. Lahore Cantonment and Walton railway station serve this place. Sat Gur Hargobind Ji came here after leaving Mozang.

The once beautiful Gurdwara, suffered vast damage during the troubles in 1947, but where it stood as a ruin for many years, in order to preserve the sanctity of this sacred place a splendid mosque, the "Shan-e-Islam" (glory of Islam), has been built here. There is a school with the mosque where the Qur'an is taught. A dispensary is also working for the welfare of the people.

Today this area is now under the Gulberg, police station, where in the past Mozang was its police station.