Gurdwara Chhevin Pathshahi, Narali

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There is a village, Narali, in P.S Jatri of Tehsil Gujar Khan of Rawalpindi district which is six miles southwest of Daultala railway station. A metalled road leads to this village from Gujar Khan. It can also be approached from Mandra via Daultala. Gurdwara Sat Guru Hargobind Sahib is located in this village. The father of Bhai Harbans Singh Ji was a Sikh of the Guru and in response to his love and affection Guru Dev Ji stayed here while coming from Mansehra. This gurdwara was earlier known as Tapa Harbans Ji and later became famous as the Gurdwara of the Sixth Patshah.

Its veranda is very beautiful and there is a very big tank not far from here. This tank was repaired by Sardar Harnam Singh, Assistant Superintendent (Survey) on 15th Har Samvat 1986 (1st July 1929).

There is a big banyan tree in the eastern corner of this tank which belongs to that period. The samadh of Bhai Harbans Singh, which is built in the style of a temple is under the shade of this banyan tree. The tank is now dry, some shops have been established in the rooms along the veranda and a Kashmiri family now lives inside the Gurdwara Sahib.