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GuruDwara Gobind Ghat

This is gurudwara at way of Hemkunt Sahib this is the place from where journey on foot starts because no vehicle can go forward to it to hemkunt sahib. After staying for a night at Joshi Math, the Pilgrims start for the next halt of Gobind Ghat. From Joshi Math to Gobind Ghat the Pilgrims travel in buses ,cars ,scooters. This journey is about 25 miles. Gobind Ghat is situated at an altitude of 6000 feet. above sea level. A very beautiful Gurdwara had been built there. the place is 6 thousand feet above the sea leval

Gobind Ghat is also a confluence of Alaknanda and Hem Ganga. The water of Hem Ganga comes down from Hemkunt Sarovar. From Gobind Ghat one road leads to Hemkunt Sahib and the other to the historical temple of Badri Nath. This Gurdwara was built under the supervision of Havaldar Modan Singh in 1944-45 A.D. There is also a big Hall for the purpose of Langar. The next journey from Gobind Ghat to Gobind Dham has to be completed by foot, so the travellers deposit their heavy luggage in this Gurdwara. They take with them umbrellas, a special type of stick and some medicines and edible things. The distance between Gobind Ghat and Gobind Dham is 12 Kilometers. Though obviously this distance does not seem so lengthy. But this distance is more arduous and tiresome. The old men, women and children who cannot, climb or walk engage ponies, palanquins and other carriers.

Beer Sahib, Gobind ghat

Those pilgrims who had not brought with them empty bottles to bring back the Amrit of the Hemkunt Sarovar, take such needful things from the Gurdwara. The atmosphere of this area is very pleasant and pilgrims can visit this place from the months of April to November. Many pilgrims also visit other holy and historical places. Some travellers visit the world famous valley of flowers and others pay homage to the historical temple of Badri Nath and other temples of their choice. Such pilgrims are also welcomed at Gurdwara Gobind Ghat and they enjoy the available facilities without any distinction. Even the local people take the facility of the free kitchen. In the beginning those people were allergesic towards the Sikhs. They were afraid that their properties and fields might be usurped by the Sikhs forcibly. But now they feel very happy and welcome pilgrims amicably.

The Sikh pilgrims had provided them many types of employments and they earn a lot during the season.During journey to badrinath dtr rajinder parshad, indra gandhi & sucheta kriplani also stayed over here

Beer Sahib, Gobind ghat

To Gurudwara Gobind Dham

When devotees start our journey from Gobind Ghat towards Gobind Dham, they have to cross the river Alaknanda. In earlier days there were no means to cross the river. The devotees were crossing the river by tying thick ropes. But that was very difficult and dangerous. After sometime a bridge was made by tying wooden planks with thick and strong ropes. But women, children and old men did not dare to cross that bridge. That bridge shook so violently that the pilgrims had to be very cautious to step further. But now the Hemkunt-Trust had constructed a very solid concrete bridge. Now this bridge connects Gobind Ghat with the valley of Lok Pal.

After crossing the bridge the people continue their journey while chanting hymns of Gurus. They also chant hymns in praise of Guru Gobind Singh and Lok Pal Dushat Daman Ji. There are small shops at every beautiful scenic spot. Travellers rest there and enjoy the tea and other edible things. As they have to reach Gobind Dham in eight or nine hours, so they travel at their will without much haste. There are two villages that come in the way. There is one village known as Bhaundar. On the right side of this village flows a small rivulet. If we travel along this river we reach Haathi Parbat, Ghora Parbat and Kaag Bhasund Parbat. In the way there are also many dense jungles. We have to cross these jungles very carefully. In the early periods people have to climb up by the support of these trees. But now a smooth path has been prepared and the pilgrims do not feel much difficulty.

After crossing the jungle, some plain area comes. All pilgrims feel relieved and they thank the Almighty for their safe journey. because there comes ghangriya in which Gurudwara Gobind Dham situated. They feel as if they have reached their own Dham (house).

ROUTE 1 - Haridwar 
ROUTE 2 - Paonta Sahib 

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