Four Yugas in Sikh Religion

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In Sikh religion, Yugas means period. In Hindu Ideology, Yuga is an epoch or era within a four-age cycle. In Gurbani, The existing four Yugas of Hindu Shastras are sanctified and defined as state of Soul. On other side, Gurbani says Yugas are innumerable and not four only i.e 'Kete Yuga Varte Gubaare' which means Many ages there was all-darkness.

Four Yugas

  • Satya Yuga: When Soul is in Supreme State (Surat-Shabad Amalgamation), then that period is called Satya Yuga. It is absolute Truth and perfection. All souls in this state are saintly. This is formless (Nirankar) and their will power is called Hukam. (Prithame Basya Satt Ka Kheda)
  • When Soul resides in Womb of Women, then that time period is called Duwapur Yuga. Here Soul is going to take form and creating its own body inside Womb. Here soul is in contact with Supreme taking wisdom to create form. (Dutiya Ardho Ardh Samana)
  • When Soul is away from Almighty and is in dual state (Mann + Chitt) then this state is called Kali Yuga. This is also called Dreaming State (Kalpana). (Ek Ghari Na Milte to Kalyug Hota)
  • Treyta Yuga: The time is defined two ways in Sikh Religion. 1) When Soul gets Satt-Santokh (Total Contentment), then it enters into State of Treyta. In Treyta Yuga, Soul seeks Shabad to link back to All prevading consciousness. 2) When Soul get detached from Satya Yuga then it enters into Treyta Yuga. (Tritiye Me Fir Bhaya Dutera)