Family Tree Bhai Makhan Shah labana

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Bhai Makhan Shah

Lal Das

1) Jeet Mal, 2) Krishan mal, 3)Girdhari Mall

Jeet Mall

No Records Found

Krishan Mall

Bhagwan Das

Harjas, Nand Singh, Piara Singh, Kapoor Singh, Bhagat Singh (all to Bhagwaan Dass)

Dharam Singh, Didar Singh, Bhaag Singh, Dewa Singh, Chand Singh(to above 5 respectively)

Jai Singh(to Didar Singh) and Atar Singh (to Bhaag Singh)

Beeda Singh, Wajeer Singh, Amar Singh, Sameer Singh, Harnaam Singh (all to Atar Singh)

Girdhari Mall

Bishan Dass

Bal Singh Gurmukh Singh Gurdit Singh

Pardhan Singh, Mangal Singh, Chanan Singh (all to gurmukh Singh)

Baga Singh, Gulaab Singh, Partaap Singh, Jawahar Singh, Nawab Singh (all to pardhan Singh)

Karam Singh, Tara Singh, Ishar Singh, Bahadur Singh, Narain Singh, Sangat Singh (all to gulaab Singh)

Vasasa Singh, Thakur Singh (all to Karam Singh)

Bhagat Singh, Pritam Singhy, Munsha Singh, Mohinder Singh (all to Vasasa Singh)

Amritpal Singh(1958), Parminder Singh(1962)(Both to Pritam Singh)

The above given Kursee Nama of Baba Makhan Shah got by the grand sons from Pandit Pooran anand of Pehwa and it is said that this waarisnama is right.