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FATEH - Fellowship of Activists to Embrace Humanity

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FATEH was founded in 1997 by a group of vibrant young Sikhs from North America who would meet regularly at Youth Retreats to reflect on the Guru's message and share in each others sangat. They desired to gain a more in-depth exposure into their cultural and spiritual roots and engage in community work as a way to realize the Guru's message.Â

In 1998 11 participants from North America & Europe who were inspired by this vision, engaged with a rural community by living, learning and working in the Village of Tallewal, Punjab. This was the Foundation for FATEH and the Change Across Borders [CABS] program.


After 7 years, since the first batch of 11 CABS participants set foot on the plains of Punjab, we are engaging with local communities by working together with local volunteers & staff to understand and address various community development issues.Â

For the next two to five years, our proposed community development initiatives will focus on projects that instill a spirit of excellence, dignity of labor, and a willingness to compete in the open market place as a path to self reliance and security.