Dr. Sunder Singh

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He was born in 1870 at Bazurgwal in Gujrat district. After fetting middle standard education he joined Lahore Medical School and got the degree of Local Native Doctor in 1893. He joined regular as a Sub-Assistant Surgeon in Burma and was promoted first to Assistant Surgeon and then to a Civil Surgeon in 1912. He retired from service in 1920 and came back to India.

After retirement Dr. Sunder Singh devoted his whole time for the betterment of the Lobana community. He also assisted Sant Prem Singh in Vihar Sudhar Movement. On the educational side, he played an important role for the establishment of Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa Lobana High School, Tanda in Gujrat district. He remained the secretary of that institution upto his death in 1940. He opened two primary schools in his own village one for boys and the other for girls. In these schools free education was given to the poor. Later, one school was upgraded as Middle School. He died in 1940.