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Sh.Rabindra Nath Tagore bust at Panchbati Dehradun

BALBIR SINGH (1894-1974) Dr. Balbir Singh is an eminent thinker and expositor of Sikh literature. He is a man of much learning, both of eastern and western philosophy, besides a teacher of botany. His essays are available in collections like Charan Hari Visthar (Detailed account of Charan Singh) about his father, Dr. Charan Singh whose contribution to Punjabi literature has been noticed. Kalam di Karamat (The Miracle of the Pen), which is a commentary on the work of writers from both east and west, contains an essay on the poetry of Bhai Vir Singh also, who was his elder brother. In his later years Dr. Balbir Singh started publishing through the Punjabi University, Patiala, an etymological encyclopaedia of the Guru Granth which he did not live to complete. His book Lambi Nadar in punjabi published by Bhai Vir singh Sahitya sadan and avilable on line is source of inspiration to adopt Bhai kanahaya spirit of Silent Love ,selfless service and Sahaj avasatha three streams of Inda,Pingla,Sukhmana naarhees of sahaj yoga as laid in Gurbani.

Dr. Balbir Singh Memorial Library and Art Gallery

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Foundation stone of Library
rare family paintings
Entry 1295 Heera Jantries from year 1898 to 1901 & 1915 to 1936

A memorial established at Dr. Balbir Singh's house named as Panchbati at dehradun has been donated to Punjabi University .Bibi Mahinder Kaur daughter of Dr. sahib is its honorary life time director.Its library contains some rare manuscripts and old documents from personal library of Dr Balbir Singh.some entries from rare documents list are sown here in pictures.A computerized scientific documentation and microfilming of these documents are required to be done by Punjabi University Patiala which is presently the custodian of this research center.A quarterly journal "Panchbati Sandesh" started by Dr.Balbir Singh is being regularly published by research center with tireless efforts of Bibi mahinder Kaur since 1978.Dr.Balbir Singh Memorial Library has about 10,000 volumes which include rare books on Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Sikh Studies, History and Culture of Punjab and different religious traditions of India

1290 maharaja ranjit singh's 100th anniversary 1939 news papers file

, in English, Gurmukhi, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Persian and Urdu.

The manuscript Section of the Library has about five hundred manuscripts spanning about four centuries, the earliest ones dating back to 1635 A.D. These mostly relate to early editions and commentaries of many reputed literary and historical texts in Gurmukhi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian and Urdu.

Rare photographs of Bhai Vir Singh and Dr. Balbir Singh s family, friends, associates and other contemporaries are presented in the Art Gallery here. Original paintings of well known artists A.K.Chughtai, Thakur Singh, Sobha Singh, Mehr Singh and Dehradun based artist Divijen Ben also form part of the Gallery collection.

Works of Dr Balbir Singh

Lambi Nadar Dr Balbir Singh.jpg
  • in punjabi
  • Kalam dee Karamaat
  • Lambi Nadar
  • Shudh Saroop
  • Ragmala da Sawaal
  • &
  • Message of Guru Gobind Singh

books by Dr. Balbir Singh are available for online purchase from sources such as BhaiVir Singh Sahitya Sadan;Singh Brothers Amritsar;jawahar Singh Kirpal Singh Book sellers publishers


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