Difference in Gurudwaras

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When Guru Nanak laid the foundation of Sikhism more than 500 years ago, one of its primary features was the equality of all humans. Thus castism has no place in Sikhism. It is unfortunate that the Modern Sikh has dispensed with many of the founding ideas of Sikhi and has also become castist. Even the Gurudwaras have not been spared. Suddenly we find that there is no Gurudwara for the Guru - only of various communities and are now labeled as 'Ravidas Guruduwara','Ramgarhian da Guruduwara, Jattan da Gurudwara, Labanean da gurudwara etc. Mostly this trend is seen in Punjab and western countries. Due to this culture the Modern Gurus has found a way to sneak into Sikhism.